Split testing

Flows allow you to perform smart split testing and create smart links. Views can be optimized using the multi-armed bandit algorithm. Split testing is built into any flow and is available even on a free plan.

Multiple ways

Each flow can consist of multiple ways. The number of ways per flow is unlimited.

Ways in the flow

The first way is always automatically created when a flow is added. To add a way in a flow, open its settings and click "Create new way". You need to enter a title and select site or enter a link with work method. Ways within a flow can work simultaneously with different link settings and work methods.

The following settings are available for the way:

You can also configure the "next step" of the path. If you are working with a prelanding-landing link, your prelanding will be the main step of the path, and the landing page will be the next one. Don’t forget to get the next step link on the prelanding page via the {next} macro in the link or site code. The parameters of the next step are similar to the main:

When choosing a way, the tracker analyzes all options available for the selected filters and distributes visits between them. If ways do not have probabilities specified, traffic is distributed evenly.

Optimization algorithms

With an even distribution of traffic, there is a chance to lose a large number of visits on unsuccessful options. To avoid these troubles, you can enable a smart distribution algorithm using the multi-armed bandit method. To do this, in the flow settings, immediately below the list of ways, select a special algorithm instead of "Uniform distribution".

Several optimization algorithms are available to you:

The figures are calculated for the last three days and are updated every ten minutes when there is traffic.

By default, the selected option is assigned to the visitor. You can further increase the reach of options and show a new available option each time a visitor opens the link. This is especially useful when creating smartlinks in the dating vertical.

Success analysis

Way settings immediately show their current success rate. Conversion, EPC and approve are calculated for the last three days starting at midnight. The amount of earnings is calculated for the entire time. Indicators are recalculated every 10 minutes when there is traffic.

Statistics by the way

These indicators are enough to preliminarily evaluate which of the test options works better. But for a deeper analysis, it is recommended to compare data for an arbitrary period and check the number of leads and clicks for each of the ways.

  1. Go to "Flows" and find the flow you need.
  2. Click on the "Statistics" button of the selected flow.
  3. In the first filter drop-down list, select grouping by the "Way" field.
  4. Specify a convenient date range for analysis and compare the success of each of the options across all available parameters.

You can optionally use advanced filters to view statistics for specific geos, devices, and tags.