The tracker allows users to independently organize themselves into arbitration teams. Within a team, the leader has access to shared statistics for all participants and spend analytics for the entire team at once.

The true teamwork

The tracker offers extremely limited tools for the work of an arbitration team. For serious team automation, we recommend using other products from our company - AlterCPA Pro or Cloud. They have a number of important advantages:

  1. Full-featured offers with a ready-made set of landing pages and pre-landing pages, flexible settings for access and working conditions.
  2. Connection to advertisers and affiliate networks is carried out at the system level. The webmaster does not have any access to personal accounts or affiliate network accounts.
  3. Commissions and payments are set at the offer level, the real amounts of earnings are not visible to your employees.
  4. Finance accounting is carried out automatically, each employee has his own personal account with his earnings and detailed analytics.
  5. The entire team can be divided into departments (internal mini-teams) with their own responsible managers and special access to offers.

Using AlterCPA Pro or Cloud you can create your own small affiliate program just for your own arbitration team and automate all work with leads and traffic.

Choose your AlterCPA

How to join a team?

Ask your leader to send you a special join link. Open it and click "Join". Before doing this, be sure to log into the tracker using your username and password and activate your subscription. All subscriptions are individual, the team does not pay for the subscription for you.

Important! From the moment you join the team, all your clicks and leads will be available to the team management. Any traffic that you uploaded before joining the team or after leaving it is available only to you.

Creating an arbitration team

A team can be created through technical support by providing a list of users and a leader, or independently. Go to the "Gang" section in the navigation menu, enter the name of your future team and click "Create".

Once created, you can invite users to join your arbitration team. To do this, send them a login link to join the team. Remind the user that he will activate the subscription himself - your subscription does not apply to him, even if you have unlimited.

Important! Team statistics are counted from the moment the user joins the team and cease to be counted the moment he leaves. All leads and clicks that the user had before joining the team or after he left are not available to team leads. All traffic that the user received while working in the team remains always available.

It is recommended to customize your team by providing a short description and opening the relevant sections.

If necessary, you can also change the login link to make old submitted links unavailable. You can change the link at any time after participants join.

Statistics and analytics

Team leaders gain access to team analytics. It is presented in three sections: leads, clicks and statistics. Each section copies the corresponding section of personal statistics.

An additional field is added to the filters of these sections: user. You can select a specific team member and filter statistics by him. Statistics for a specific user can also be opened from the list of participants. To do this, click on the statistics button and select the section you are interested in.

Statistics documentation

Loading spend statistics

Team leaders can add team-wide spend downloads. This is convenient if only the leader has access to financial statistics. All operating principles are identical to individual downloadings.

Spend analytics documentation