Traffic filtering

The tracker has built-in traffic filtering tools. They allow you to block bots and spammers on various AlterCPA One blacklists.

Filter settings

Traffic filters are configured inside the flow in the "Filtering" section. The following global settings are available to you:

Filter settings

If a visit is blocked by filters, a trafficback is shown to the user. The following settings are available:

When each filter is triggered, its type will be recorded in the filtering log: bots, geo, language, or blacklist. You can view the data on the triggering of filters in the "Statistics" section with the "Filter" criterion selected.

Filters in ways

Additional traffic filters are embedded inside each way:

Way filter settings

If none of the ways fit the visitor, he will be directed to trafficback. This event will be recorded as "Trafficback" in the filtering log.

Filtering campaigns

A tracker connected to AlterCPA One has an additional traffic filtering option. You can connect the flow to an existing configured filter campaign. In this case, the list of countries and the flow filter settings are ignored, only the trafficback settings are used.

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