Advices for choosing a server

You can use any VPS on any virtualization system. System requirements depend on traffic volumes:

Recommended OS: Debian 11


This is the best provider in terms of price, quality and reasonableness. A very suitable hosting not only for protection, but also for normal work.

I don't remember anything from the minuses at all. Recommended, definitely!

Go and buy it

We have been working with Inferno for a long time in various projects. Impressions are only positive. But I recommend to warn the support that there may be complaints about you. Like this:

Hello! I am engaged in affiliate marketing (arbitrageur) and work with weight loss. Theoretically, they can complain about me from Germany. Tell me, what is the best way to make everyone feel good?

Most likely, you will immediately outline a plan of action and advise how to organize everything.


Perfert provider for workng white and shiny and more or less bright verticals.

Pros: lowest prices with great configurations, very high performance, fast channels, good geography, instant deployment, IPv6 support.

Cons: required verification of identity with sending documents, totally zero bulletproofness.

Go and buy it


A bulletproof provider for maximum protection in pleasant locations.

Pros: suitable for all verticals without exception.

Cons: too fucking expensive, minimum $100 per server.

Go and buy it


A good average player with uptime in the "how lucky" format and not the most adequate support.

Pros: registers for any fictitious person, low price tags.

Cons: when bullying, they first kill the server and only then go to deal with it.

Go and buy it